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In management, consultancy vacancies are left for highly skilled, motivated and self-reliant employees. Information Technology consultants are people who have shown excellent work records and have acquired a lot of knowledge in the field of IT. Consultants with large companies such as those making ST3300007LC disks, apart from their mastery in IT, have a lot of knowledge in their operating market. This is because there are many companies producing ST3300007LC disks, which create competition in the market. IT consultants job are numerous and vary with every firm's management strategy and production line.

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The core objective of IT consultant, is ensuring effective and efficient running of information system to meet organization goals. Labour statistics have indicated that employment of consultants improve organization performance. As a result, experts with relevant skills and knowledge will be highly competitive in most sectors of economy. IT consultants such as those working in production of ST3300007LC disks analyses the existing business problems and comes up with plans to counter them. Usually, they work to improve the organization's information system or develop new solutions. Consultants develop entry and exit strategies for organizations entering and leaving electronic market respectively. In most firms, IT consultants maintain organizations competitive advantage.

Consults identify and define the nature of problem in an organization then they analyse relevant data and make recommendations. They apply their project management skills to steer the way forward and schedule project deliverable. IT consultants are directly responsible for human resource management and mobilization of other necessary resources needed in production. Consultant advice stakeholders on the best approaches to organization problems and their role in the organization.

The day to day activities of IT consultant include updating status report, performing quality reviews and documenting any important milestone in the firm. Consultants present their finding through reports and during stakeholders meetings. They lead workshops and seminars depending on the type of problems on the ground.

Depending on the need and the employer, IT consultants may engage in analysis of the current gaps in the organization and the desired new design, processes, plan transition and performance measurement. Consults generate growth projections and determine the future of IT companies. For example, sales projection and competitive nature of ST3300007LC can be projected to the next one year and its feasibility determined. Based on such statistics, consultants will advise appropriately on the best production and sales strategy.

Information technology consults spend their times both in the office and in the field. Unlike most managers, consultants ensure they are abreast with both internal and external organization detail. They use their skills to develop competitive ages such as through re-branding, identification of market niches and improving product value. Most consultants are interpersonal leaders who chair preside over meetings and consult with employees at various levels.